Would you like to approach each day with less stress and anxiety?

Do you struggle to pray consistently?

Are you uncertain that you know the right words?

Are you uncertain about how to even begin?

Then THIS challenge is for YOU!

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5 Days to Boost Your Confidence about Prayer

The 5-Day Prayer Challenge will teach you how to pray, how to be confident that you are being heard, and how to avoid being repetitious. It will help to remove the guilt and give you a proactive way to start talking to God. Barriers will be torn down.

This challenge will break down what types of prayer there are and give a foundation for prayers you can be certain God will hear.

Be Zealous about Prayer - in just 5 Days

The prayer challenge is designed to remind you that God is waiting to hear from you!

We can be overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. We can feel anxious that we are not up to the challenge. This prayer challenge will help you to stay grounded and at peace as you make your plans and share them with God.